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U.S. Struggles To Restore Iraq Water

U.S. Struggles To Restore Iraq Water

Struggles? After occupying their country for over four years it is still a "struggle?" After bombarding their country in "shock and awe" and more than likely blowing up any water supplies they had, it is a "struggle?" Sorry, I don't believe for a second that they care about Iraqi people having water or that it is a struggle for anyone there but the people of Iraq to survive. I do however believe those who continue to use Iraq as a cash cow care about the ton of money they will make from building these huge plants that I am sure people will have to pay dearly for after having to deal with them "struggling" to fix what they more than likely destroyed for Bechtel.

Bechtel In Iraq

First the oil now the water...and they know that in the Middle East water is something people would pay dearly for. What a disgrace for America to be a part of such a grand deception and human rights abuse.

The Ilisu Dam Controversy

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