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Water As The Source Of Life And Strife

Water As The Source Of Life And Strife

Water As The Source Of Life And Strife
by Claude Salhani
UPI International Editor
Amman (UPI) Jordan, May 21, 2007

The next major Middle East war could well be fought not over land, oil or religion --the traditional causes of conflict to date -- but over water, a precious commodity becoming rarer by the day. Addressing top leaders in industry, business, banking and the media in his speech at the opening session of the World Economic Forum held on the shores of the Dead Sea last week, King Abdullah II of Jordan raised the alarm over the scarcity of water in the region and warned of the dire consequences for not only the developing nations, but the havoc water scarcity would have on the developed world as a whole.

Indeed, much of the Israeli-Palestinian land dispute is in fact centered on water rights, as both communities are battling for control of extremely limited water resources.

Additionally, Israel has long envied Lebanon's Litani and…