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India's Rivers Dying Due to Sewerage, Say Activists

This is a classic example of overpopulation and poverty and the effects it brings to our natural resources. As Himalayan glaciers continue to recede at an alarming rate with predictions that they could be gone within the next forty to fifty years, India cannot afford to continue polluting the water they have left. And this begs the question when rightfully blaming it on poor management: why are people not crying out for changing it? What has happened to our moral will to stand up for what is right? To stand up for our planet and for ourselves? To respect the lifeblood of our planet that is sacred?

India's Rivers Dying Due to Sewage, Say Activists

INDIA: June 15, 2007

NEW DELHI - The daily dumping of millions of tonnes of sewage is killing India's rivers and threatening the lives of thousands of poor people, an environmental think-tank said on Thursday.

New Delhi alone produces 3.6 billion litres of sewage every day but due to poor management less than half is effectively treated. …