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Kazakhstan, China, Lake Balkhash, And Moral Will

The more I read about this crucial issue the more incensed I become about this global crisis that is totally unnecessary because we have all we need to mitigate it. I also feel disillusioned about a global community that for the most part is not treating this with the urgency it deserves...Again, the URGENCY it deserves.

Do we have to see corpses of children who died as a result of our human behavior before we act? Do we have to actually suffer the consequences before we realize we waited too long? Even though we were warned and have what we need to fix it? If we completely waste the finite freshwater resource we have on this planet we will destroy our own species. The idea that we could actually continue to destroy ourselves by behavior we know is detrimental to our survival is to me the most frightening thought I have now.

Case in point.

In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore makes reference to the Aral Sea (also noted in the first chapter of his bestseller, Earth In The Balance.) The Aral …

Middle East/Africa Need Water Reforms: World Bank

Middle East/Africa Need Water Reforms
EGYPT: March 12, 2007

CAIRO - The World Bank urged governments in the Middle East and North Africa on Sunday to speed up improvements to water resources and said water availability per person in the region was set to drop by half by 2050. The World Bank said in a report that many countries in the area already faced full-blown crises in meeting water demand, and that was likely to worsen without reform.

"Drinking water services will become more erratic than they already are," the report said. "Cities will come to rely more and more on expensive desalination, and during droughts will have to rely more frequently on emergency supplies brought by tanker or barge." The region is already the most water-scarce in the world, and uses more of its renewable water resources than anywhere else. "All of this will have short- and long-term effects on economic growth and poverty, will exacerbate social tensions within and between communitie…