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Recycled Water-Would You Drink It?

Recycled water Rejected Out Of Fear, Say Critics

In the video I will link below, the people in it claim they wouldn't mind drinking recycled water... well, that is because they can still go in a store and buy a bottle of Evian if they so desire. They can say they would drink it only because they really don't have to drink it. And also notice in this video that not one person stated that they would work on conserving the water they use now for showers, etc. Just give them the quick fix so they don't have to bother about changing the way they live their lives. I don't know, perhaps they will change their tunes when their new water bills come in and they see how much those recycling plants are going to cost them, especially when they waste as much of that now as they are wasting the water they already have. The Howard government sure will be making out on this drought, won't they?

In my view, recycled water is a good proposal for industrial/commercial use, but for agric…

Montana Sues Wyoming Over Water Rights

Montana Sues Wyoming Over Water Rights

Montana sues Wyoming over water rights By MATTHEW BROWN, Associated Press Writer
Thu Feb 1, 1:18 PM ET

BILLINGS, Mont. - Montana sued Wyoming in the U.S. Supreme Court Thursday over water rights in two shared rivers, which Montana claims are running dry due to Wyoming's overuse.

The lawsuit over the Tongue and Powder rivers, which flow from northeastern Wyoming into southeastern Montana, marks a sharp escalation in an acrimonious water fight between the states.

The lawsuit alleges Wyoming is ignoring Montana's "senior" water rights by taking more water from the rivers than allowed under the 1950 Yellowstone River Compact. That includes water diverted and stored for irrigation and groundwater pumped from beneath the surface during coal-bed methane production.

"We're running out of water," said Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer. "It's getting worse every year as Wyoming is using more and more water. ... Our farmers an…