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Millions To Go Hungry, Waterless

I am going to expound on this later, and also include some news regarding the drastic measures Australia will now take to give people drinking water. The one thing I did want to type in response to this report now however, is to the U.S Congress: STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE OF YOUR COUNTRY AND THIS PLANET AND STOP THIS GD WAR IN IRAQ/IRAN/AFGHANISTAN AND WHEREVER ELSE, AND START WORRYING ABOUT THE FUTURE. More later. Also, sorry for the lack of posts this past week. My schedule has been busy but I have not forgotten about this crisis, because it is always part of me.

Millions To Go Hungry, Waterless

Published on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 by Reuters
Millions to Go Hungry, Waterless: Climate Report
by Rob Taylor

Rising temperatures will leave millions more people hungry by 2080 and cause critical water shortages in China and Australia, as well as parts of Europe and the United States, according to a new global climate report.

By the end of the century, climate change will bring water scarc…