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Climate Change Affecting Washington State/Glaciers Worldwide

North Cascade Glaciers

You MUST look at these pictures.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 · Last updated 6:01 p.m. PT

New study says climate change already affecting Washington


SEATTLE -- From more devastating wildfires to decreased snow in the mountains, climate change is already affecting Washington's economy, a new report says.

And as temperatures continue to increase, the changes will only become more dramatic: Low-lying areas such as the Skagit River delta will flood as sea levels rise, more people will get asthma as pollution worsens and the state's dairy cows will produce less milk in hotter weather, to cite a few of the report's warnings.

The report was commissioned by the state departments of Ecology and Community Trade and Economic Development, and was researched and written by Climate Leadership Initiative at the University of Oregon, with guidance from Washington economists and scientists.

There are to…

Lake Chad Is Dying


This lake provides water to more than 20 million people living in the four countries which surround it, Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria. What are the people to do when the water is gone?

Lake Chad Fishermen Pack Up Their Nets

Muhammadu Bello and his nine children used to depend on Lake Chad for their livelihoods.

But the former fisherman became a farmer as the waters vanished eastwards from the shores of his village in north-east Nigeria.

Experts are warning that the lake, which was once Africa's third largest inland water body, could shrink to a mere pond in two decades.

A recent study by Nasa and the German Aerospace Centre blames global warming and human activity for Africa's disappearing water.


"Africa is being cheated again by the industrialised West," says Jacob Nyanganji of Nigeria's University of Maiduguri.

This lake is dying and we are all dying with it
Muhammadu Bello

"Africa does not produce any significant amount of greenhouse gas…