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A Hotter Drier Australia A Reality

Graphic on the rainfall in Australia. Prime Minister John Howard has called an emergency drought summit as climate change and rising interest rates threaten a 10-year economic boom -- and his grip on power.
(AFP/Graphic/Martin Megino)

"Frightening" Study Predicts Hotter, Drier Australia

Michael Perry

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia's climate is now permanently hotter and drier, and the country faces major temperature rises and significantly less rainfall by 2070, scientists said on Monday.

The projections, described by one official as a "frightening picture", were published as Australia grapples with its worst drought in 100 years and follows Prime Minister John Howard's recent conversion to the view that global warming is real.

The government's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) predicted in a report that rainfall in parts of eastern Australia were forecast to drop 40 percent by 2070, with a seven degree Celsius rise in tempera…