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World Water Congress In Beijing

World Water Congress
Take a look at the sponsors of this to know what this is really all about.
Hmm, this is just downright ironic that Beijing is hosting this Congress. And I wonder, would all these promises be made were China not hosting the 2008 Olympics? I find it hard to believe that they actually care for the people. If they did, they would have fixed their infrastructure long before this.
Fitting Venue for World Water Congress
Antoaneta Bezlova

BEIJING, Sep 8 (IPS) - When the World Water Congress convenes this weekend in Asia for the first time, the choice of the Chinese capital would be nothing but befitting. The 1.3 billion people of the world's most populous country have at their disposal only a quarter of the water per person that is available on average around the world.

But China's water woes go far beyond the scarcity of water resources. Pollution has left nearly half of the water in China's rivers suitable only for agri…

Water Access Progress "Too Slow"

Ok, we are talking about GETTING POTABLE WATER TO PEOPLE whose lives depend on it. If we as a species cannot even accomplish that with all of the resources at our disposal then we truly do have a severe MORAL dilemma to deal with. How is it that governments can find BILLIONS of dollars to wage war, but can never seem to find what is necessary even for the most basic needs of people? And the one sentence in this article that outraged me the most was regarding young girls who cannot even get an education, because they need to spend the day fetching water for their families! We have got to as a species have that Renaissance that is so desperately needed in order for us to survive. But again, we come to the two words that seem to always put the brakes on it: human nature. Therefore, I am going to suggest something. I am going to suggest that you look up an organization of your choice that seeks to build the infrastructure necessary to provide water to those who need it and donate what y…

Global Warming Is Causing Spreading Drought

And I would state based on all I have read in the last year on this topic that the percentage has increased since this report was written. We are doing this to ourselves. We are making our world a place where humans will not be able to sustain themselves if we do not look at what we are doing and seriously meet this challenge from within ourselves.

Drought is a silent killer. In the mid eighties a drought in the horn of Africa killed 750,000 people, and it still persists with millions at risk of starvation and water scarcity. Imagine what prolonged drought now in areas unaccustomed to it would suffer. Sixty percent of the U.S. is now experiencing some sort of drought condition, most prevalently in the Plains. And as this article from only a year ago points out it is in part due to human induced climate change causing a rise in temperature.

I am now researching different types of irrigation methods employed around the world and will be posting a report on that within the week here. If dr…