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Five Million Tonnes Of Grain Lost Due To China Drought

Rice farmer Hu Zizhong shows his drought damaged rice crop and cracks in the rice terrace soil, at Tieshi village, Chongqing Municipality on 20 August 2006. The worst drought in southwest China in half a century has severely impacted local farms, causing a combined loss of five million tonnes of grain, state media said.(AFP/File/Mark Ralston)

CHINA: August 25, 2006

BEIJING - A drought in southwest China, the worst in 50 years, has led to the loss of five million tonnes of grain and damaged more than two million hectares (7,700 sq miles) of farmland, state media said on Thursday.

Sichuan province was helping farmers plant crops like potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams which can be harvested later in the year to make up for the grain shortage, one provincial agricultural official told Reuters.

Most of the damaged crops was rice, officials said. State media has estimated that the drought, which has also hit neighbouring Chongqing, has cost farmers more than US$1 billion. It has not said whethe…

How To Avoid War Over Water

How To Avoid War Over Water

This is a must read article. It also mentions the repercussions of fhe Israeli bombing in Lebanon and the hidden motivations we won't see covered on CNN, and the war in Sri Lanka that I also wrote about. And the four broad recommendations were right on. Also, access to water must be declared a global human right to keep corporate hands off of water that doesn't belong to them. Just because your name is Coca Cola that doesn't give you the inherent right to take away water that is needed to sustain life, or to pollute it.

Again, great article. And also, perhaps by speaking up about the potential of all out war over this resource and warning against it, we will foster peaceful negotiations and cooperations in the end. However, the bottomline is that those of us in parts of the world where water is plentiful must think about conserving it for our future and helping those who do not have the potable water they need to meet their needs. War or not that …

Drought Causing Worries For U.S. Farmers

Eighty percent of all fresh water consumed in the United States is used to produce food. And a vast percentage of that water is wasted as run off that runs into lakes and rivers polluting them due to pesticides, fertilizers, and other wastes the run off carries with it. Simply put, irrigation techniques in this country must be refined in order to cut down on wasted water, pollution, and less water intensive crops need to be focused on. And that includes the criminal waste put out by Factory Farms.

Tougher regulation of farm runoff needed

However, it is the more water intensive crops such as corn that carry the biggest price, since corn is also used for the production of ethanol and biofuel. Seems we find ourselves in quite a quandary. And make no mistake about it, it is a moral dilemma. Also, the other side to that equation and part of that moral dilemma is that we must learn to cut down on our consumption and wean ourselves off of our gluttonous ways in this country. We are so used to …

Bush-Coke-Pepsi Triumvirate Under Fire In India

Bush-Coke-Pepsi Triumvirate Under Fire In India

I posted about Coca Cola's alleged human rights abuses in Columbia, and now India regarding the water shortages in the areas their companies are located in. Now Bush is standing up for these polluters at the expense of human health.

I say, BOYCOTT Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. They are getting too rich off of poisoning people, taking their water, and addicting our children to their products. The millions of gallons of water they use to produce Coca Cola and Pepsi could go towards peoples' real NEEDS.

So what will Bush do now that the local Indian governments are pushing back for human rights and their freedom of choice? Shock and awe them? If India is a Democracy, why can't the people tell Coke and Pepsi to leave their country? Well, that's because the word Democracy is VERY exclusive, and only applies when Bush's cronies make money off of exploiting natural resources.

From World Water Week

Fixing Leaks Will Avert World Water Woes

SWEDEN: August 22, 2006

STOCKHOLM - Fixing leaky pipes in conurbations from Mexico City to New Delhi is a better way to avert water shortages as the world population grows than costly schemes such as dams, a leading expert said on Monday. "There is no shortage of water in the world, but there is a crisis of management of water supplies," Asit Bitwas, head of the Third World Centre for Water Management in Mexico City, told Reuters during a meeting of 1,000 experts on water in Stockholm. "There is enough water, even in the Middle East, if we manage our water properly," Bitwas said, disputing the findings of an new international report that said one in three of the world's people lived in areas where water was in short supply.

He said many developing nations often wrongly put priority on expensive schemes to build dams or divert rivers in a bid to increase supplies. He said that the key was in simpler measures like fixing leak…

World Water Week

World Water Week

From their site:

Experts from 140 Countries to Address Water, Environment, Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction in Stockholm

Sharing Benefits from Water, Water for Food, and Disaster Preparedness Issues Highlight Packed Agenda

STOCKHOLM – The 2006 World Water Week in Stockholm continues its important role at the nexus of the water, environment, development and poverty reduction fields when it takes place August 20-26 at the Stockholm City Conference Centre in the Swedish capital. The World Water Week is hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

The World Water Week will be a venue for the presentation of concrete examples of how problems of poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and gender inequality can in large measure be solved with water and sanitation as the key entry points. The week emphasises capacity-building, partnership-building and follow-up on the implementation of international processes and programmes…

China Is Damned

And that is meant in more ways than one. China is literally the most damned country in the world due to water diversion. An estimated 550 million + people do not have enough water, and four hundred of China's 600 cities live with water shortages. This is due to overpopulation, pollution, and government incompetence. The brunt of the crisis is being felt in Northern China. Rivers are running dry and lakes are parched bowls of earth.

China's lack of water is actually a more serious threat to its economy, environment, and society than flooding. Water scarcity ruins more crops each year, an estimated 66 million tons or 17 percent of China's annual harvest than floods according to China's minister of water resources.

The Yellow River, the cradle of Chinese civilization, was once called "China's sorrow" because of its high waters that caused destruction. However, for the last twenty years it has been running dry every year. Water shortages also have sparked polit…